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The GLT TUBE significantly reduces your energy costs. Its longevity reduces maintenance costs, making your company more competitive. Thanks to our unique rental concept you can also instantly and without capital commitment make the change to LED technology: That is how you save from the first minute on.

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Excellent quality of light

The light spectrum of the GLT TUBE largely corresponds to daylight. Colours are reflected naturally and the light flux is stable without flickering.

Health benefits
The GLT TUBE does not contain the damaging UV light component found in standard fluorescent tubes. As a result, hands and eyes are being protected. Moreover, the GLT TUBE is break-proof and free from harmful substances like mercury. Thus groceries can be stored longer and be lit according to the norm (norm: IK10).

Two standard colour temperatures
The GLT TUBE is available in two standard colour temperatures: 4000K and 5000K. The latter corresponds to our natural daylight and is particularly suitable for spaces in which performance is demanded. The higher proportion of blue improves concentration and promotes the body's own Vitamin D reception. On request, the GLT TUBE is available in other colour temperatures. 

Light diffusion in 3 variations

According to conditions on site, covers are available with different diffusions of light. The Milky cover is the standard and fits in most cases. An even broader diffusion of light can be achieved with the Diffuse cover. In the case of fittings with reflectors, the Clear cover provides a concentrated diffusion of light.

90 % recyclable

Many parts of the GLT TUBE can be reused: amongst them the aluminium profile, the cover, the end caps and dummy. All other components will be professionally recycled.

More on the theme of sustainability

Problem-free replacement

The GLT TUBE can be installed easily, securely and quickly. Fittings with CB can be replaced without professional help. Fittings with ECG must be replaced by a professional. 

In the case of fittings with conventional electronic control gear you only need to replace the starter with a dummy. Afterwards you can fit the GTL TUBE in place of the old fluorescent tube.

1/ Remove starter

2/ Fit dummy


A professional is required to place a GLT TUBE into fittings with ECG. Thanks to its direct electricity supply, no electronic control gear is required, making its functionality significantly more reliable.

1/ Diagram with conventional fluorescent tube

2/ Diagram with GLT TUBE

Technical specifications

As a replacement for T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes, the GLT TUBE is available in all standard lengths. Depending on the place of use, we offer two colour temperatures as well as three different covers.

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