How much money can your company save with GLT TUBES?

Enter the required amount of fluorescent tubes and we calculate your savings potential.


With the GLT TUBE you will save € 268056.33 in 4 years, compared to a standard fluorescent tube with CB.

Please increase the number of weeks, days and hours to facilitate a calculation.

CB fluorescent tubes ECG fluorescent tubesGLT TUBE rentGLT TUBE buy
Energy usage (kWh)
Energy costs
Necessary replacements0
Replacement costs0.00
Purchase cost0.00
Rental cost0.000.000.00
Overall costs

The calculation compares the average costs for a GLT TUBE with those of a standard fluorescent tube, including average costs for standard exchange. An annual increase in electricity costs has been taken into account. The calculation is made on the grounds of comparability of average values. Therefore the result may differ from the actual savings. Please contact us for a detailed analysis.


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