"LED holds enormous potential. The GLT TUBE is the first of its kind to combine LED technology with European quality of standards."

- Stefan Svanberg, Founder German LED Tech

German engineering art

One main thought has been at the centre of the product development throughout: What does the customer really need? Together with one of the most successful German medium-scale enterprises, German LED Tech have succeeded in bringing LED technology to a previously unreached level of quality. With impressive longevity and exemplary recycling characteristics.

Production in Germany and Switzerland

German LED Tech's products are manufactured in Switzerland and Germany. All electronics consist of 100% SMD components and are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories. This guarantees a consistently high-quality level of production. 

Global Lighting Challenge

The Global Lighting Challenge is an international merger of CEM (Clean Energy Ministerial) governments that includes the sustainable progress on commissioning highly efficient, energy-saving lighting systems. In the near future 10 Billion innovative lamps should be used worldwide. In order for this project to gain more attention on a global scale, German LED Tech sees the responsibility to support the environmental benefits of Global Lighting Challenge.

German LED Tech is an official supporter of the Global Lighting Challenge.


Sustainability in 3 facts

  • In Europe alone, 500 million fluorescent tubes are in operation every day. If only 3% were replaced by GLT TUBES, one atomic power-plant could be switched off.
  • Compared to a conventional fluorescent tube, over the course of one year one constantly operating GLT TUBE reduces CO2 emissions by the same amount a mid-range car produces over 1,400 miles.
  • Replacing 100 fluorescent tubes through GLT TUBES saves as much CO2 as 500 trees absorb.


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