This year the GLT Tube has saved the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture, Brandenburg
76032 kWh*

* At electricity price of EUR / kWh * equals EUR

"By switching over to GLT TUBES MWFK managed to reduce CO2 emission by 31 tons a year. "

- Ministry of Science, Research and Culture, Brandenburg

All access zones at the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture, Brandenburg, have been equipped with GLT TUBES by our partner Bilfinger Ciy Light. Due to the higher light yield, the number of fluorescent tubes could be reduced significantly which has led to even bigger savings for the Ministry. 

  • Amount of GLT TUBES: 272
  • Operating hours per year: 3640 h
  • Annual savings: 76 032 kWh
  • Amortisation after 10 months

Further references:

"With the rental agreement with GLT Rent we save 14,000 Sfr per month. "

Michael Matiz, Pago AG
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"GLT TUBES impress with their efficiency and quality."

Miguel Mutuberria, IKEA Switzerland
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"Switching over to GLT TUBES was one of the most reasonable investments in my career to date."

Dieter Mändli, owner Kuhn Druck AG
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"Our members of staff noticed the improved quality of light in our production facilities straight away. "

Maria Marzahn, rlc Packaging Group
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"The high energy savings potential and cost effectiveness of the investment were our key points. "

Marc Schäfer, Wincasa AG
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